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Vol 26, No 1: Spring 2005 AI in the News Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Glick
Vol 26, No 2: Summer 2005 AI in the News Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Glick
Vol 26, No 3: Fall 2005 AI in the News Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Glick
Vol 26, No 4: Winter 2005 AI in the News Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Glick
Vol 27, No 4: Winter 2006 AI in the News Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Glick
Vol 28, No 3: Fall 2007 AI in the News Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Glick
Vol 28, No 2: Summer 2007 AI in the News Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Glick
Vol 15, No 1: Spring 1994 AI Magazine 1993 Index Abstract   PDF
Vol 5, No 1: Spring 1984 AI Magazine Cumulative Index: Volumes 1-4 Abstract   PDF
Vol 13, No 1: Spring 1992 AI Magazine Index, 1980-1991 Abstract   PDF
Vol 15, No 4: Winter 1994 AI Magazine Index-Volumes 1-15, 1980-1994 Abstract   PDF
Vol 29, No 2: Summer 2008 AI Magazine Poster: The AI Landscape Abstract   PDF   POSTER
David B. Leake, James Gary
Vol 27, No 4: Winter 2006 AI Meets Web 2.0: Building the Web of Tomorrow, Today Abstract   PDF
Jay M. Tenenbaum
Vol 11, No 2: Summer 1990 AI Planning: Systems and Techniques Abstract   PDF
James A. Hendler, Austin Tate, Mark Drummond
Vol 14, No 2: Summer 1993 AI Research and Application Development at Boeing's Huntsville Laboratories Abstract   PDF
Steve Tanner, Ray Carnes
Vol 13, No 4: Winter 1992 AI Research and Applications in Digital's Service Organization Abstract   PDF
Anil Rewari, Mark Adler, Peter Anick, Meyer Billmers, Mike Carifio, Alan Gunderson, Neil Pundit, Mark W. Swartwout
Vol 3, No 2: Summer 1982 AI Research at Bolt, Beranek & Newman, Inc. Abstract   PDF
Madeleine Bates
Vol 13, No 2: Summer 1992 AI Review Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Graube, Kevin Males, Tom Schwartz, Dave Mandelker, AAAI
Vol 31, No 3: Fall 2010 AI Theory and Practice: A Discussion on Hard Challenges and Opportunities Ahead Abstract   PDF
Eric Horvitz, Lise Getoor, Carlos Guestrin, James Hendler, Joseph Konstan, Devika Subramanian, Michael Wellman, Henry Kautz
Vol 23, No 1: Spring 2002 AI Topics Abstract   PDF
Bruce G. Buchanan, Jonathan Glick
Vol 28, No 4: Winter 2007 AI Topics Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Glick
Vol 27, No 4: Winter 2006 AI@50: We Are Golden! Abstract   PDF
Alan K. Mackworth
Vol 33, No 3: Fall 2012 AI@NICTA Abstract   PDF
Nick Barnes, Peter Baumgartner, Tiberio Caetano, Hugh Durrant-Whyte, Gerwin Klein, Penelope Sanderson, Abdul Sattar, Peter Stuckey, Sylvie Thiebaux, Pascal Van Hentenryck, Toby Walsh
Vol 31, No 4: Winter 2010 AI’s War on Manipulation: Are We Winning? Abstract   PDF
Piotr Faliszewski, Ariel D. Procaccia
Vol 11, No 4: Special 1990 AI-Based Schedulers in Manufacturing Practice: Report of a Panel Discussion Abstract   PDF
Karl Kempf, Bruce Russell, Sanjiv Sidhu, Stu Barrett
Vol 32, No 2: Summer 2011 AI-Based Software Defect Predictors: Applications and Benefits in a Case Study Abstract   PDF
Ayse Tosun Misirli, Ayse Bener, Resat Kale
Vol 22, No 3: Fall 2001 AIPS 2000 Planning Competition: The Fifth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling Systems Abstract   PDF
Fahiem Bacchus
Vol 5, No 1: Spring 1984 Alexander Lerner: A Biographical Sketch Abstract   PDF
Jack Minker
Vol 35, No 3: Fall 2014 Algorithm Selection for Combinatorial Search Problems: A Survey Abstract   PDF
Lars Kotthoff
Vol 31, No 4: Winter 2010 Algorithmic Game Theory and Artificial Intelligence Abstract   PDF
Edith Elkind, Kevin Leyton-Brown
Vol 13, No 1: Spring 1992 Algorithms for Constraint-Satisfaction Problems: A Survey Abstract   PDF
Vipin Kumar
Vol 13, No 4: Winter 1992 Allen Newell: A Remembrance Abstract   PDF
Nico Haberman
Vol 22, No 3: Fall 2001 AltAlt: Combining Graphplan and Heuristic State Search Abstract   PDF
Biplav Srivastava, XuanLong Nguyen, Subbarao Kambhampati, Minh B. Do, Ullas Nambiar, Zaiqing Nie, Romeo Nigenda, Terry Zimmerman
Vol 29, No 1: Spring 2008 An AI Framework for the Automatic Assessment of e-Government Forms Abstract   PDF
Andy Hon Wai Chun
Vol 30, No 2: Summer 2009 An AI Framework to Teach English as a Foreign Language: CSIEC Abstract   PDF
Jiyou Jia
Vol 25, No 4: Winter 2004 An AI Planning-based Tool for Scheduling Satellite Nominal Operations Abstract   PDF
Maria Dolores Rodriguez-Moreno, Daniel Borrajo, Daniel Meziat
Vol 23, No 3: Fall 2002 An AI-Based Approach to Destination Control in Elevators Abstract   PDF
Jana Koehler, Daniel Ottiger
Vol 7, No 4: Winter 1986 An AI-Based Methodology for Factory Design Abstract   PDF
Edward L. Fisher
Vol 6, No 2: Summer 1985 An AIer's Lament Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey A. Barnett
Vol 31, No 2: Summer 2010 An Analysis of Current Trends in CBR Research Using Multi-View Clustering Abstract   PDF
Derek Greene, Jill Freyne, Barry Smyth, Pádraig Cunningham
Vol 35, No 1: Spring 2014 An Antimicrobial Prescription Surveillance System that Learns from Experience Abstract   PDF
Mathieu Beaudoin, Froduald Kabanza, Vincent Nault, Louis Valiquette
Vol 32, No 2: Summer 2011 An Application of Transfer to American Football: From Observation of Raw Video to Control in a Simulated Environment Abstract   PDF
David J. Stracuzzi, Alan Fern, Kamal Ali, Robin Hess, Jervis Pinto, Nan Li, Tolga Konik, Daniel G. Shapiro
Vol 3, No 4: Winter 1982 An Approach to Verifying Completeness and Consistency in a Rule-Based Expert System Abstract   PDF
Motoi Suwa, A. Carlisle Scott, Edward H. Shortliffe
Vol 13, No 3: Fall 1992 An Architecture for Real-Time Distributed Scheduling Abstract   PDF
Khosrow Hadavi, Wen-Ling Hsu, Tony Chen, Cheoung-Nam Lee
Vol 8, No 4: Winter 1987 An Assessment of Tools for Building Large Knowledge-Based Systems Abstract   PDF
William Mettrey
Vol 36, No 3: Fall 2015 An End-to-End Conversational Second Screen Application for TV Program Discovery Abstract   PDF
Peter Z. Yeh, Deepak Ramachandran, Benjamin Douglas, Adwait Ratnaparkhi, William Jarrold, Ronald Provine, Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Stephen Laverty, Nirvana Tikku, Sean Brown, Jeremy Mendel, Adam Emfield
Vol 11, No 3: Fall 1990 An Essay Concerning Robotic Understanding Abstract   PDF
Jerome Feldman
Vol 5, No 2: Summer 1984 An Experimental Comparison of Knowledge Representation Schemes Abstract   PDF
Kiyoshi Niwa, Koji Sasaki, Hirokazu Ihara
Vol 22, No 2: Summer 2001 An Innovative Application from the DARPA Knowledge Bases Programs: Rapid Development of a Course-of-Action Critiquer Abstract   PDF
Gheorghe Tecuci, Mihai Boicu, Mike Bowman, Dorin Marcu
Vol 31, No 1: Spring 2010 An Integrated Modeling Environment to Study the Co-evolution of Networks, Individual Behavior and Epidemics Abstract   PDF
Christopher Barrett, Keith Bisset, Jonathan Leidig, Achla Marathe, Madhav V. Marathe
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